6 top tips for ‘Transformational Selling’ from my personal coach, Simon Lovell

Selling is hard, especially for social entrepreneurs and changemakers who are wired to be generous and yet, as Simon taught me in his ‘Sales Mastery’ coaching program, without sales, there is no transformation.

Here are Simon’s top tips and scripts for selling with more heart, something he coins as ‘Transformational…

Keynotes and wisdom from Seth Godin’s book, “This is Marketing”

I’ve taken all of the wisdom nuggets and key messages from best-selling author Seth Godin and his latest book “This is Marketing — You can’t be seen until you learn to see” and have carefully and thoughtfully summarised in an easy 15minute read.

"Great marketers don't use consumers to solve…

Louise Graham

Vision & Mission Mentor — Helping social entrepreneurs and conscious changemakers clarify their vision, align their mission and make change happen

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